Lunar Invasion is Now Available on Google Play

Greetings, space cadets! As of today, Nov. 1st, Lunar Invasion is available for Android devices on Google Play. We have been working hard on this game for the past 10 months and are excited to share it with you!

Lunar Invasion is a turn-based “cannon game,” modeled after games like Worms and Scorched Earth. To play Lunar Invasion, you will need an opponent: the game can only be played by two people on a single device which serves as the “game board.” Sit across from your opponent and place your mobile phone or tablet on the table between you.

During your turn, you may:

  1. Warp to a new location, OR
  2. Fire at your opponent with a variety of energy weapons

Defeat your opponent by hitting them with your energy cannon. Watch out for satellites and cosmic blocks: to clear them out of your path, take your turn to destroy them with your energy cannon. Obstacles may drop weapons and other power-ups. To pick them up, well, you guessed it: shoot them with your energy cannon. Need a better angle, or to hide from imminent death? Warp to a new location! You can’t run forever, though: after you warp to a new location, your energy levels will need some time to recharge.

Lunar Invasion takes place in a two-dimensional universe, so you will need to utilize geometry to hit your target. In the full version of the game ($2.99), you can defend Planet Earth from invasion across 30 different battlefields. The free version comes with 5 maps.

The game was developed by:

  • Richard Grunert, R3 Software – Programming and Design
  • Chris Palmer, HappyChap Media – Art, Story, and Design
  • Noel Abbott, HappyChap Media – Sound, Story, and Design

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