Lunar Invasion In-Game Footage

Greetings, space cadets! Although Lunar Invasion comes with a thorough menu system explaining the mechanics, weapons, power-ups, etc., we decided to produce this (shoddy, unprofessional) demonstration video to show you the ropes. The main thing to keep in mind is that you need TWO people to play this game, unless you don’t mind engaging in a space battle against yourself. Thus, you should sit across from your opponent and place the phone or tablet you are playing on oriented “vertically” between you. Think of it like air hockey, but with energy cannons and lasers. Okay, enough rambling. Just watch the video and you’ll get it, we promise!

We’re up and running: try the first-ever PvP Android game based on your favorite artillery classics today!

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally made it! We are very pleased to officially announce the launch of Lunar Invasion, a project we have been working on for some time. We met last winter to discuss the idea of making a game inspired by the turn-based cannon games from the early PC days. Worms, Scorched Earth, and other artillery games were so much fun, and we thought there wasn’t a very good example of turn-based artillery for mobile devices yet. Less than a year later, our game is on the market and we are excited to share it with everyone!

We believe our game can bring a lot of fun to boring flights (no internet connection needed) and road trips (unless you’re the driver, of course). Eventually we may consider setting up functionality and servers for online multiplayer, but as a PvP game that must be played on a single device, we like the fact that it fosters interaction and socialization between friends in a present, physical sense. In this way, people will share the game with one another, and friends will share the novel experience of two-dimensional space battle on their phone or tablet.

You can download our game via Google Play. The free version comes with 5 maps — if you enjoy the game, you can purchase the full version for only $2.99 to unlock all 30 maps!


Preview the Lunar Invasion Story Comic

Lunar Invasion’s story can pretty much be summarized as “Aliens from the moon attack planet Earth because they are ticked off at humans for littering.” The graphics for this project were designed entirely by Chris Palmer.



Click Here to get Lunar Invasion for Android!

Lunar Invasion is Now Available on Google Play

Greetings, space cadets! As of today, Nov. 1st, Lunar Invasion is available for Android devices on Google Play. We have been working hard on this game for the past 10 months and are excited to share it with you!

Lunar Invasion is a turn-based “cannon game,” modeled after games like Worms and Scorched Earth. To play Lunar Invasion, you will need an opponent: the game can only be played by two people on a single device which serves as the “game board.” Sit across from your opponent and place your mobile phone or tablet on the table between you.

During your turn, you may:

  1. Warp to a new location, OR
  2. Fire at your opponent with a variety of energy weapons

Defeat your opponent by hitting them with your energy cannon. Watch out for satellites and cosmic blocks: to clear them out of your path, take your turn to destroy them with your energy cannon. Obstacles may drop weapons and other power-ups. To pick them up, well, you guessed it: shoot them with your energy cannon. Need a better angle, or to hide from imminent death? Warp to a new location! You can’t run forever, though: after you warp to a new location, your energy levels will need some time to recharge.

Lunar Invasion takes place in a two-dimensional universe, so you will need to utilize geometry to hit your target. In the full version of the game ($2.99), you can defend Planet Earth from invasion across 30 different battlefields. The free version comes with 5 maps.

The game was developed by:

  • Richard Grunert, R3 Software – Programming and Design
  • Chris Palmer, HappyChap Media – Art, Story, and Design
  • Noel Abbott, HappyChap Media – Sound, Story, and Design