Lunar Invasion is a collaboration between Richard Grunert, Chris Palmer, and Noel Abbott.

We set out in fall 2014 to create a game inspired by the “cannon games” and turn-based artillery shooters of the early PC days. One year later, our project is live in Google Play and we are excited to share our creation with the world! We believed that the world was lacking a mobile game that bridges the gap between table-top board games and PvP computer games, so we built Lunar Invasion to fill that role. After countless hours planning, solving problems, going back to the drawing board and coming up with new solutions, our game is finally ready for you.

Meet the developers:

Richard Grunert: A self-taught software programmer and recent Western Washington University graduate, Richard developed the entire Lunar Invasion game engine from scratch. He also contributed to developing the story, concept, and gameplay mechanics.

Chris Palmer: An illustrator, animator, and graphic designer, Chris is one of the cofounders of HappyChap Media, a Bellingham WA creative collective. Chris designed all of the art for Lunar Invasion, from the sprites, to the menus, to the comic-style story board. Chris also contributed to the development of Lunar Invasion’s story, concept, and gameplay mechanics.

Noel Abbott: Noel composed Lunar Invasion’s original soundtrack consisting of several unique songs, as well as all of the sound effects used in the game. A marketing strategist and creative thinker at heart, Noel also contributed to the development of the game’s story, concept, and mechanics.

Get in touch:

If you have any questions or feedback, or would like to speak with one of the game’s creators, please fill out the form below:

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